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Dedicated to Marcus, my childhood friend, who passed away about ten years ago not even reaching the age of 30. When I think of him today, our childhood seems to have been a neverending summer, full of spending our time with exploring every corner of our part of town, watching movies, playing games on his Commodore 64 or discussing who would win a fight between Luke Skywalker and He-Man. Obviously this hasn´t much to do with how things actually were, but I really don´t give a damn and just try to never forget the boys we were.

"I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?"
Stephen King - "Stand by me"


from The year was 2016​.​.​., track released September 28, 2016



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Mental Minority Bremen, Germany

"Producer Mental Minority is what Skyrim is to the PS3 world. Noteworthy, respected and continually revered, Bremen’s jewel in a synthesizer crown keeps shining alight in the darkness of the unworthy.. and the delusion of the untalented. Mental Minority makes it all seem real and extremely “Kraftwerk” & “Fear of Tigers” possible."
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